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Welsh Castle Database

Although our main castle index provides individual pages for well over 100 different castles, the index still falls well short of the total number of castles and known castle sites found throughout Wales and the Marches. Some of these "vanished castles" are difficult to locate today due to a lack of visible remains, yet many are mentioned in certain historical records. If we include these lesser-known sites the number of castles in Wales quickly climbs into the hundreds. (Our database currently contains over 500 entries!) We hope the database will assist visitors in locating information about all the known castle sites in Wales.

The database, presented on three separate pages, provides the following information for most of the castles listed: name, location, including Ordnance Survey coordinates, the date the castle was probably built or first noted in the records, the castle type or a short description of the visible remains (if any). To save space, certain county names have been abbreviated.

The primary written sources used to compile this database include:

Finally, The Castles of Wales web site would like to thank the following individuals for their invaluable assistance in compiling this database: Philip Charles Davis, Paul M. Remfry, Daniel Mersey, John Richards, and John Northall. In particular we would like to recognize Mr Davis for allowing us to draw from his own extensive database of Welsh castles.

Jeffrey L. Thomas

Welsh Castle Database

Welsh Unitary Authority Boundaries (effective April 1996)
Old County map of Wales (1974-96)

Table 1: A through G
Table 2: H through N
Table 3: O through Z

Aber Gwynedd / SN656727 1090 traces of keep on motte
Aber Afan Neath P.T. / SS762901 1153 Welsh masonry motte & bailey
Aberaeron Ceredigion / SN460634   carried away by sea
Abercowyn Carmarthen 1116 motte and bailey
Aberedw (no.1) Powys / SO079473 12th century motte w/rubble survives
Aberedw (no.2) Powys / SO076474 13th century enclosure castle w/some masonry
Aberdyfi, Abereinion,
Domas Las
Ceredigion / SN687968 1156 mound
Abergavenny Monmouth / SO299139 1081 substantial masonry
Aberlleiniog Anglesey / SH616794 1088 motte visible
Aberllwchwr   1151  
Aberllynfi Powys / SO171380 1233 motte and bailey
Abersoch Gwynedd / SH313285   site destroyed
Aberyscir Powys / SO000296   motte, part of curtain wall
Aberystwyth 1 Ceredigion 1136  
Aberystwyth 2 Ceredigion / SN579816 1277 substantial masonry
Acton Burnell Shropshire 13th century fortified manor house
Adpar Ceredigion / SN309409   remains of motte
Alexanderstone Motte 1 Powys / SO073301   motte & bailey
Alexanderstone Motte 2 Powys / SO070295   weak motte
Allt y Ferin Carmarthen / SN522233   motte/strong hillfort
Alun V of Glamorgan / SS911747   disputed site
Ammanford Carmarthen / SN624125   ringwork and bailey
Amroth Pembroke / SN163077 12th century motte castle
Angle Pembroke / SM866030   single masonry tower
Arnault Monmouth 1175 Welsh - natural hillock
Castell Bach Carmarthen / SN247275   overgrown motte or ring-motte
Baglan Neath P.T. / SS756923 13th century remains of rect. tower
Bala Gwynedd / SH928361 1202 motte visible
Ballan Moor Monmouth / ST488895 11th century motte and bailey
Banc y Bettws Carmarthen / SN458155   damaged ring-motte
Bangor Gwynedd / SH580729   craggy site
Barland Powys / SO281618 12th century motte and bailey
Barry V of Glamorgan / ST102673 1316 slight masonry - gate
Basingwerk Flintshire / SJ222734 1163 motte castle
Beaumaris Anglesey / SH607763 1295 essentially complete
Old Beaupre V of Glamorgan / ST009721 1376 essentially complete
Beddugre Montgomery / SO101895   enclosure w/bailey
Beeston Cheshire 1225 substantial masonry
Beganston V of Glamorgan / ST147744   ringwork castle
Begelly Pembroke / SN117072   motte or ringwork destroyed
Benton Pembroke / SN005069 13th century some original masonry
Berriew Montgomery   motte and bailey
Bettws Cedewain Montgomery   damaged motte and bailey
Bicton Shropshire / SO28938256 C11-C12 much mutilated motte
Bishop's Castle Shropshire / SO323891   motte w/masonry fragments
Bishop's Moat Shropshire 1120 earthworks visible
Bishopton V of Glamorgan   ringwork
Blackbridge (Castle Pill) Pembroke / SM919064   possible rignwork
Blaenllynfi Powys / SO145229 1215 some masonry
Blaenporth, Ralph's Pembroke / SN266488 1116 motte / trace masonry
Bleddfa Powys / SO209628 rebuilt 1195 motte w/foundations of keep
Bolan Neath P.T. / SS767920   damaged motte and bailey
Bonville's (Hen Castle) Pembroke / SN125052   tower house now buried
Bonvilston V of Glamorgan / ST071734   ringwork castle
Boughrood Powys / SO132391 1205 fallen masonry in motte
Boulston Pembroke / SM981124   ruined manor house
Bovehill, Landimore Swansea / SS464933 15th century masonry walls
Brecon (no.1) Powys / SO043288 under construct 1093 some masonry / tower
Brecon (no.2) Powys   motte visible
Bridgenorth Salop 1101 keep
Broadward Hall Shropshire / SO39367658   small motte castle
Brockhurst Castle Shropshire / SO446926 1156 motte & bailey survive
Brompton Mill Shropshire / SO25099316 12C? well-preserved motte
Bronfelin Motte Powys / SO052913   motte w/triangular bailey
Bronllys Powys / SO149346 1144 large masonry tower
Bryn Castell Conwy / SH785719   motte survives
Bryn Derwen Motte Powys / SO163952   motte & bailey destroyed
Bryn y Cwn Flint / SJ237714   motte castle
Buddugre Powys   motte and bailey
Builth (no.2) Powys / SO044510 1210 earthworks visible
Burfa Powys / SO275611   motte and bailey
Bwlch y Dinas, Castell Ddinas Powys / SO179301 12th century slight masonry
Cae Castell Swansea / SN694047 12th century small ringwork
Castell Caemardy Powys / SO035530   small motte
Caer Beris Motte Powys / SO030507 c.1100 motte survives
Caer Lichyn Newport / ST390927   worn motte visible
Caer Penrhos SN552695 1149 ringwork & ditch survive
Caer Siac Motte Powys / SO129972   damaged motte w/2 baileys
Caerau Cardiff / ST136750 12th century ringwork visible
Caerau Motte Powys / SN923501   possible motte on Roman site
Caereinion Powys / SJ163055 1156 damaged motte and bailey
Caergwrle, Hope Flintshire / SJ307572 1277 substantial masonry
Caerleon Newport / ST342905 1086 motte - some masonry and towers
Caernarfon (old) Gwynedd / SH477626 1090 damaged motte and bailey
Caernarfon Gwynedd/ SH477626 1283 essentially complete
Caerphilly Caerphilly / ST155870 1267 essentially complete
Caerwedros Ceredigion / SN376557 1136 motte
Caerwent Monmouth / ST471904 c.1070 motte visible
Caldy Pembroke / SS140963   fortified monastic building
Caldicot Monmouth / ST487885 1150 essentially complete
Camlais Powys / SN956260 1265 motte / tower foundations
Camrose Pembroke / SM927198   motte with traces of bailey
Candleston Bridgend / SS871771 14th century some masonry
Cans (Cymaron?)   1134 motte & bailey
Cardiff Cardiff / ST180767 1081 motte w/stone keep
Cardigan (no.1) Ceredigion / SN164464 1094 embanked work against cliff
Cardigan (no.2) Ceredigion / SN177459 1110 substantial masonry
Carew Pembroke / SN038035 1212 essentially complete
Carmarthen Carmarthen / SN413200 1116 parts of wall, gate, hall
Carn Fadryn Gwynedd  1188 stone-walled hillfort
Carndochan Gwynedd / SH846306 13th century some masonry
Carnwillion     motte castle
Carreg Cennen Carmarthen / SN668191 before 1198 substantial masonry
Carreghofa Powys / SJ255222 1101 enclosure castle
Castell Dol-Wllf Ceredigion   destroyed castle ringwork
Castell-y-Bere Gwynedd / SH667086 1221 some masonry
Castell-y-Blaidd Powys / SO125798 possibly pre-historic uncompleted ringwork
Castell y Domen Carmarthen / SN436126   mound w/rock-cut ditch
Castell y Fran Pembroke / SN081222   disputed motte
Castell y Garreg Carmarthen / SN572157   small mound largely destroyed
Castlebythe (Castell y Bwch) Pembroke / SN021290   motte w/possible bailey
Castle Tump Carmarthen   motte visible
Castlemartin Pembroke   ringwork and bailey
Castleton (St Athan) V.of Glamorgan / ST024684   farmhouse built into castle?
Caus Salop 1198 motte/3 baileys, masonry remains
Cawr Conwy / SH936767   mound visible
Cefn Mably Caerphilly / ST224841   no remains of 13c castle?
Cefn Uchaf Powys / SJ148254   mound visible
Cefnbryntalch Motte Powys / SO175963   hilltop site w/enclosures
Cefnllys 1 Powys / SO089614 1242 turfed-over walls & towers
Cefnllys 2 Powys / SO089614 1273 motte / slight masonry
Cenarth Ceredigion / SN269414 12th century motte visible
Ceri Powys 1165 motte and bailey
Chepstow Monmouth / ST533941 1067 essentially complete
Chirk (no.1) Wrexham / SJ292375 before 1155 motte
Chirk (no.2) Wrexham / SJ268380 1295 essentially complete
Cil Ifor Swansea / SS505923   possible castle site
Cilgerran Pembroke / SN195431 1108 substantial masonry
Cilwhybert Motte Powys / SO014268   motte
Clawdd Brythonig Powys / SN826369   disputed ringwork
Cleobury   destroyed 1155  
Clifford Hereford / Worcester 1075 some masonry
Clun Shropshire 1140-50 some masonry / tower
Clungunford Shropshire / SO39567878   small motte castle
Clyro Powys / SO214436 1070 trace masonry
Castell Coch Powys 1230 slight masonry
Castell Coch Cardiff / ST131826 1260 old castle built over
Coed Allt Flint / SJ144769   disputed site
Coed-y-Cwm V of Glamorgan / ST083737 15th century trace masonry
Coity Bridgend / SS923816 1126 substantial masonry
Collen Powys / SO055928   Roman fort
Colwyn (no.1) Powys / SO108540 rebuilt 1144 earthworks visible
Colwyn (no.2) Powys 1200 ringwork
Conwy Conwy / SH775784 1283 essentially complete
Corwen Denbigh / SJ079435   motte
Cosmeston V.of Glamorgan / ST177688   disputed castle enclosure
Castell Cossan Carmarthen / SN202268   weak mound
Cottrell V of Glamorgan / ST081745   ringwork castle
Cowbridge (town walls) V of Glamorgan / SS994746 1300 town walls
Criccieth Gwynedd / SH500377 1230s substantial masonry
Crickadarn 2 (Waun Gunllwch) Powys / SO059413   earthworks visible
Crickadarn 1 Powys / SO088421   ringwork
Crickhowell Powys / SO217182 12th century motte w/some masonry
Crogen Gwynedd / SJ006370 1202  
Crugyn Newcastle Shropshire / SO24398206 12th or 13th C heavily erroded motte
Crugen Tump Powys / SO169813    
Crug Eryr Powys 12th century motte visible
Crugerydd Carmarthen / SN535394 1188 scanty remains
Castell Crwn Anglesey / SH332909   ringwork w/ditch
Castell Crychydd (Heron's) Pembroke / SN261348   ringwork, bailey, with foundations
Cwm Aran Powys prob built 1093 aka Cymaron
Cwrt Gwynne Powys / SO215447   motte and bailey
Cwrt Llechryd Powys / SO027532   mounds/disputed site
Cwrt-y-Vil V of Glamorgan / ST177689   wall fragment
Cymaron Powys prob built 1093 aka Cwm Aran
Cymer Gwynedd / SH732195 1116 motte visible
Castell Cynen Pembroke / SN155146   overgrown ringwork
Cynfael Gwynedd / SH615016 1147 motte & ditches
Dale Pembroke / SM805058 13th century modernized medeival castle
Ddinas, Bwlch y Dinas Powys / SO179301 12th century trace masonry
Domen Ddreiniog (Thorny Motte) Gwynedd / SH598037   motte & bailey survive
Degannwy Conwy / SH795783 1093 trace masonry
Denbigh Denbigh / SJ051657 1282 substantial masonry
Deudraeth Gwynedd / SH588372 1188 motte w/folly tower
Dinas Bran Denbigh / SJ223430 1277 some masonry
Dinas Emrys Gwynedd / SH606492 13th century slight masonry
Dinas Powys (no.1) V of Glamorgan / ST148722   ringwork predecessor of no.2
Dinas Powys (no.2) V of Glamorgan / ST152716 late 11th century slight masonry
Dinefwr Carmarthen / SN611217 1150 substantial masonry
Dingestow 1 (Millwood) Monmouth / SO460104 1180 motte castle
Dingestow 2 Monmouth / SO455104 1182 square platform and bailey
Dingstopple Pembroke / SN061186   small mound w/ditch
Dinham Monmouth / ST480923 1150 rectangular tower and foundations
Dinieithon   1093  
Dinierth Ceredigion / SN495624 1110 motte w/masonry rubble
Dinweilir unidentified 1145 motte & bailey possibly Pencader
Dixton Monmouth 11th century low motte on Roman site
Dolaucothi 1 Carmarthen / SN662401   suspect mound beside gold mines
Dolaucothi 2 Carmarthen / SN663403   suspect mound beside gold mines
Dolbadarn Gwynedd / SH586598 1220-30 substantial masonry
Dolbedwin Powys / SO203491   motte
Dolbenmaen Gwynedd / SH507431 12th century motte visible
Dolforwyn Powys / SO152950 1273 substantial masonry
Dol-Wlff Cardigan / SN520445   mostly destroyed ringwork
Dolwyddelan Conwy / SH722523 1220-30 some masonry (tower)
Domen Castell Powys 1196 motte visible
Domen Las Ceredigion 1156 motte visible
Dorstone Hereford & Worcester   motte visible
Drim Pembroke / SN067194   fragmentary earthwork
Castell y Drim (Drum) Pembroke / SN064196   small mound or ringwork
Dryslwyn Carmarthen / SN554203 1245 substantial masonry
Dulas Powys / SN961771   small ringwork w/double moat
Dunraven V of Glamorgan / SS888728 12th century old castle built over
Dyffryn Mawr Pembroke / SN175351   earthworks visible
Dyserth Denbigh / SJ060799 1241 masonry ward w/2 baileys
Eardisley Hereford & Worcester   surviving motte
Eastington Pembroke / SM901024   later fortified house
Ednyfed's Castle Conwy / SH833802 13th century old castle built over
Eglwys Cross Wrexham   large low mound w/bailey
Eglwyswrw (no.1) Pembroke / SN138383   ringwork and foundations
Eglwyswrw (no.2) Pembroke   partial ringwork
Egremont Carmarthen / SN094204   damaged square ringwork
Evancoyd Powys / SO261631   motte
Evenjobb (no.1) Powys / SO266625   motte and bailey
Evenjobb (no.2) Powys   possible motte and bailey
Ewloe Flintshire / SJ288675 1150 substantial masonry
Ewyas Harold Herefordshire 1051 motte and bailey
Castell Fartin Pembroke / SM943368   damaged motte or ringwork
Felin Cwrws Ceredigion / SN351411   partial ringwork
Felin Isaf V of Glamorgan / ST061793   motte visible
Flemingston V.of Glamorgan / ST017700   late medeival fortified manor
Fforest Powys   motte
Flint Flintshire / SJ247733 1277 substantial masonry
Fonmon V of Glamorgan / ST047681 1200 slight early masonry
Garn Coch Motte Powys / SO213477   small worn motte
Garn Fadryn Gwynedd / SH278352 1190 fort inside ringwork
Garn Fawr Carmarthen / SN396238   large well preserved ringwork
Garn y Castell Powys / SO158297 1144 destroyed motte?
Gelli Garn V.of Glamorgan / SS960787   small ringwork & bailey
Gelligaer Caerphilly / ST137969 1196? motte visible
Glan Edw Powys / SO116542 c.1093 enclosure w/motte
Glan Mynys Carmarthen / SN731326   low lying motte
Castell Glas, Maesglas Newport / ST302858   remains of a low motte
Glasbury Powys / SO175392 1144 site beneath modern housing
Glantanat Isaf Powys / SJ149239   motte & rock-cut ditch
Owain Glyndwr's Mount Denbigh / SJ125431   motte & bailey
Glynpatel, Green Castle, Crinow Pembroke / SN128142   small motte & possible bailey
Goodrich Herefordshire 1100 substantial masonry
Goytre Monmouth   low motte w/foundations of keep
Graben Powys   motte
Greencastle (Moel) Carmarthen / SN397162   traces of motte & bailey
Greencastle Carmarthen / SN396166 15th century fortified house
Gro Tump Powys / SO123922   motte and bailey
Grosmont Monmouth / SO405244 1138 substantial masonry
Guanceste Powys / SO156569   worn earthwork w/small motte
Guan Gunllwch Powys   ringwork
Gwallter Ceredigion / SN622868 1136 motte w/ditch
Upper Gwarthlow Shropshire / SO39567878   turf-covered motte
Gwerclas Mound Denbigh / SJ052421   disputed castle? mound
Gwern y Domen Caerphilly / ST175878   ringwork
Gwyddgwg Carmarthen / SN477356 1146 heavily damaged motte
Gwrych Conwy 12th century modern folly replaced medeival
Gwydir Gwynedd / SH796610 15th century fortified medieval manor
Gwynionydd Ceredigion / SN424420   overgrown ringwork


Table 2: H through N
Table 3: O through Z
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