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Welsh Castle Database

Table 2: H through N

Welsh Unitary Authority Boundaries (effective April 1996)
Old County map of Wales (1974-96)

Table 1: A through G
Table 2: H through N
Table 3: O through Z

Harlech Gwynedd / SH581312 1283 essentially complete
Haverfordwest Pembroke / SM953157 1188 some masonry
Hawarden Flint / SJ319653 1205 slight masonry / tower
Hay Castle Powys / SO229423 1121 substantial (later) masonry
Hay Motte Powys / SO226422 12th century large motte visible
Hays Castle Motte Pembroke / SM897256 12th century motte w/traces of bailey
Hely Farm Mount Powys / SO129527    
Hen Blas Flint 1244 motte and bailey w/chapel
Hen Castle Powys / SO213166   trace masonry
Hen Castle Pembroke   no
Hen Domen Powys / SJ241188   damaged mound
Hen Domen (Old Montgomery) Powys / SO214980 1071 substantial motte & ditches
Castell Hendre Pembroke / SN044275   scanty remains
Hendwr Denbigh / SJ042383   mutilated mound possible natural
Hereford Hereford / Worcester 1051 altered / some original
Heron's Castle Pembroke   ringwork / fragments
Holt Wrexham / SJ412537 1282 castle dismantled
Holywell Flint / SJ186762   motte
Hopton  Shropshire 12th century substantial keep
Howe Mill Enclosure V.of Glamorgan / ST005721   mutilated rignwork
Humphrey's, Hywel's Ceredigion / SN440477 1136 motte
Huntington (no.1) Hereford / Worcester 1075 motte and bailey
Huntington (no.2) Hereford / Worcester 1228 some masonry
Hyssington Castle Powys / SO315945   square tower on motte w/bailey
Ial Gwynedd 1149 mentioned by Gerald of Wales
Keeston Pembroke / SM898195   disputed site
Kemeys House Newport / ST382926   Tower house
Kemeys Inferior Newport / ST390939   motte and bailey
Kenfig Bridgend / SS801827 1185 trace masonry
Kerry Motte Powys / SO147895 1135 motte and bailey
Kidwelly Carmarthen / SN409070 1114 substantial masonry castle
Kilpeck Hereford 1124 fragments of keep
Kington Hereford / Worcester 1100 motte visible
Kinnerton Powys / SO245630   motte and bailey
Knapp Powys   motte
Knighton (no.1) Powys / SO290722 1182 motte visible
Knighton (no.2) Powys / SO284722 1215 motte and bailey
Knucklas Powys / SO250746 13th century buried walls & towers
Lampeter Ceredigion / SN579482 1137 motte visible
Langstone Court Newport / ST371895   motte w/bailey visible
Laugharne Carmarthen / SN302107 1116 substantial masonry
Leason Swansea / SS488925   disputed mound
Leeswood Mound Flint / SJ253615   disputed site
Letterson Pembroke / SM938295 1137 earthwork
Liege Castle, Castell Moel V of Glamorgan / ST054735   13th century fortified manor
Little Newcastle Pembroke / SM980289 1200 low motte, bull-dozed in 1965
Castell Llainfawr Pembroke / SN151374   partial ringwork
Llanafan Fawr Powys / SN967566   weak ringwork
Llanbedr Motte Powys / SO126449   tree-clad motte
Llanblethian, St Quintin's V of Glamorgan / SS989742 1314 slight masonry
Llanboidy Carmarthen / SN219231   motte and bailey
Llandaff Bishop's Palace Cardiff / ST156780   slight masonry / gatehouse
Llanddew (no.1) Powys / SO058307 1347 trace masonry
Llanddew (no.2) Powys / SO056308   small motte visible
Llanddowror Carmarthen / SN253147   motte
Llandefaelog Motte Powys / SO033323   tree-clad motte
Llandeilo Talybont Swansea / SN587027 12th century motte visible
Llandewi Swansea / SS460890    
Llandinam (no.1) Montgomery 11th century motte w/2 baileys
Llandinam (no.2) Montgomery   motte and bailey
Llandow V of Glamorgan / SS942732   possible ringwork
Llandough V of Glamorgan / SS995730 14th century curtain wall
Llandovery Carmarthen / SN767342 1116 some masonry
Llandrinio Motte Powys / SJ294168   small motte & bailey
Llandyfriog Ceredigion   partial ringwork
Llandygwydd (no.1) Ceredigion / SN246433   motte
Llandygwydd (no.2) Ceredigion / SN238434   weak motte
Llandyssil, Cefn Bryntalch Montgomery   ringwork, bailey, foundations
Llandysul Ceredigion   motte
Llandysul Ceredigion   banked work
Llanedy (no.1) Carmarthen   motte
Llanedy (no.2) Carmarthen   partial ringwork
Llanegwad Carmarthen   motte
Llanelli Carmarthen / SN501004 12th century motte castle - sunk in reservoir
Llanfechain Motte Powys / SJ186202 1166 motte and bailey
Llanfair Ceredigion 1242? low motte and bailey
Llanfair Discoed Monmouth / ST445924 13th century 2 towers and gatehouse
Llanfair Kilgeddin Monmouth / SO349069   motte visible
Llanfair-Orllwyn Ceredigion / SN367408   motte
Llanfair-Treflygen Ceredigion   motte
Llanfihangel, Pencader,
Carmarthen / SN297136 1146 motte and bailey
Llanfyrnach Pembroke / SN219312   ring-motte beside church
Llangadog, Meurig Carmarthen / SN709276 1209 motte visible
Llangasty Powys   motte visible
Llangathen Carmarthen / SN573216 12th century fragments
Llangewydd Bridgend / SS875809 1202 demolished by monks of Margam
Llangibby (no.1) Monmouth / ST369973   ringwork
Llangibby (no.2) Monmouth / ST364974 1286 keep, gatehouse, towers
Llanio Ceredigion / SN 661579 1136 fine motte
Llanleonfel Motte Powys / SN919520   miniature ringwork with moat
Llanglydwen Carmarthen / SN177268   motte now removed
Llangwm Isaf Monmouth / ST427997   ringwork castle
Llangwm Uchaf Monmouth / SO421011   motte
Llangwynyd Bridgend / SS852887 1246 trace masonry
Llanhilleth Twyn (no.1) Blaenau Gwent / SO217019   motte visible
Llanhilleth, Castell Taliurum (no.2) Blaenau Gwent / SO216022   foundations of round tower
Llanidloes Powys / SN954844 1280 motte and bailey
Llanigon Powys   small motte visible
Llanilid Glamorgan 12th century ringwork castle
Llanllwni Carmarthen / SN474413   motte perched above gorge
Llanmaes V of Glamorgan / SS980694 14th century corner of tower
Llanquian V of Glamorgan / ST032745   ringwork w/trace masonry
Llanryhstyd Ceredigion 1149 large ringwork
Llansanffraid Powys 12th century rect tower prob 12-13th C
Llansteffan Carmarthen / SN352102 1146 substantial masonry
Llanthomas Motte Powys / SO209403   damaged worn motte
Llantrisant Rhondda C.T. / ST047837 1246 motte and bailey/slight masonry
Llantrythyd Ringwork V.of Glamorgan / ST045727   ringwork w/traces of hall
Llanvair Monmouth late 13th century masonry fragments
Llanvanches Newport / ST433920   foundation traces were removed
Llangwathen Pembroke / SN134153   motte discovered 1980s
Llanwnen Ceredigion / SN533472   ringwork w/ditch
Llawhaden Pembroke / SN073174 1175 substantial masonry
Llowes Powys / SO191407   damaged motte/eroded enclosure
Llwyn Bedw Carmarthen / SN431397   much damaged motte
Llwyndyris Ceredigion / SN237433   small motte
Llwyn-Gwynau Ceredigion / SN669635   destroyed motte?
Llygod Old Castle V.of Glamorgan / SS985743   medieval site of hillfort?
Llysdinan Powys / SN998584   weak ringwork
Llys Edwin Flint / SJ235697   13c moated site w/some stone
Llys Gwenllian Denbigh / SJ056645   bailey w/low moated mound
Llyslun Motte Montgomery / SJ033101 1170s motte & platform survive
Llyswen Powys / SO128379   small motte
Longtown (no.1) Hereford / Worcester early 12th century motte and bailey
Longtown (no.2) Hereford / Worcester mid-12th century motte w/some masonry
Loughor Swansea / SS564980 1150 keep survives on steep motte
Lower Down Shropshire / SO336846   motte visible
Lower Luggy Powys / SJ199022   motte visible
Ludlow Shropshire 1130 essentially complete
Castell y Rhingyll
Carmarthen / SN578148 1206 traces of mound
Lyonshall Hereford & Worcester 1188 some stone, moat
Machen Monmouth 1236 trace masonry
Madoc, Llanfihangel Powys / SO025370 1095-1120 ringwork w/some masonry
Madoc's Castle Merthyr Tydfil / SO064094   remains of fortified manor house
Maenclochog Pembroke / SN083272   motte & bailey, destroyed
Maenorowen Pembroke / SM943368   small ringwork
Maes Celyn Motte Powys / SO206195   mound w/traces of stone tower
Manafan Motte Powys / SJ114022   damaged mound
Manian Fawr Pembroke / SN150479   possible castle on rocky ridge
Manorbier Pembroke / SO064978 1146 essentially complete
Marcross V of Glamorgan / SS927695   trace masonry
Marford/Hoseley Flintshire 1160 motte and bailey destroyed
Mathrafal Powys / SJ131107 1170 motte visible
Meurig Ceredigion / SN702675 1137 trace masonry
Middlecross V of Glamorgan / ST047700   ringwork castle
Min y Llyn Motte Powys / SJ210010   overgrown motte
Minwear Pembroke / SN062135   damaged oval enclosure/ringwork
Millwood, Dingstow Monmouth 1182 motte visible
Castell Moch Powys / SJ112246   disputed castle site
Modrydd Powys   motte visible
Castell Moel, Greencastle Carmarthen / SN395167   traces of motte & bailey
Moel Froehas Motte Powys / SJ118225   motte w/traces of bailey
Mold Flint / SJ235644 1146 motte visible
Monmouth Monmouth / SO507129 1071 single hall-block survives
Montgomery Powys / SO221968 1223 substantial masonry
Morganstown Cardiff / ST128818   motte visible
Morgraig Cardiff / ST160843 1264 trace masonry
Morlais Merthyr Tydfil / SO048097 1287 some masonry w/vaulted cellar
Castle Morris Pembroke / SM903316   motte castle reused/destroyed
Moulton V of Glamorgan / ST075700   no remains survive
Moynes Court Monmouth / ST520909   motte w/masonry gate
Mynddislwyn Caerphilly / ST193938   motte visible
Nantcribba Powys / SJ237014 destroyed 1263 trace masonry
Nant Perchellan Pembroke / SN172434   castle or hillfort?
Nant y Carau Ceredigion / SN369421   well preserved motte
Nant-yr-Arian Ceredigion / SN694819 1216 motte
Narberth Pembroke / SN109143 13th century tower frgaments & hall-block
Neath (no.1) Neath P.T. / SS748978 built c.1129 demolished by 1207
Neath (no.2) Neath P.T. / SS753977 1129 substantial gatehouse survives
Nefyn Gwynedd / SH306408   much mutilated motte
Neuadd Coch Motte Powys / SO079878   promontory scarped into motte
Nevern Pembroke / SN082401 1191 trace masonry
New Moat Pembroke / SN063253 1200 motte visible
Newcastle Bridgend Bridgend / SS902801 1106 substantial masonry
Newcastle (motte) Monmouth / SO447172   motte visible
Newcastle Emlyn Ceredigion / SN311407 1240 substantial masonry
Newport (no.1) Newport 1172 motte - destroyed
Newport (no.2) Newport / ST312884 14th century substantial masonry
Newport Pembroke / SN057389 early 13th century some original masonry
Newtown Motte Powys / SO107913 1280 motte w/ploughed bailey
Nimble Powys / SO247594   low motte and bailey by church.
Castell Nonni Carmarthen / SN495399   small overgrown mound
Norton Camp Swansea / SS491868   12th century ringwork
Norton Motte Powys / SO305673 1182 motte and bailey
Castell Nos Swansea / SN966001   rocky knoll possible castle site


Table 1: A through G
Table 3: O through Z
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