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Welsh Castle Database

Table 3: O through Z

Welsh Unitary Authority Boundaries (effective April 1996)
Old County map of Wales (1974-96)

Table 1: A through G
Table 2: H through N
Table 3: O through Z

Old Radnor Powys / SO250590   moated site close to church
Ogmore V of Glamorgan / SS882769 1116 substantial masonry
Old Castle Glamorgan 12th century ringwork castle
Old Castle (Llygod) V of Glamorgan   medieval castle or hillford?
Old Hall Frydd Montgomery 1228 ringwork
Overton Wrexham / SJ368434 1138 castle swept away by River Dee
Oswestry Shropshire 1149 motte castle w/slight masonry
Oxwich Swansea / SS498862 1459 essentially complete
Oystermouth Swansea / SS613883 1116 essentially complete
Painscastle Powys / SO167461 1130 substantial motte & ditches
Pant Glas Carmarthen / SN422260   ringwork/platform
Pant y Cadno Pembroke / SN112226   likely site of motte, disputed
Pant-y-Fen Carmarthen / SN462401   ringwork or hillfort
Parc y Castell Ceredigion / SN288427   ringwork and bailey
Parc y Marl Pembroke / SN047245   damaged earthwork/ringwork? 
Pembridge Herefordshire 1203 enclosure castle
Pembroke Pembroke / SM982016 1094 essentially complete
Pen y Castell Ceredigion / SN630746 13th century trace masonry
Penycastell Ceredigion / SN663675   small motte survives
Pen y Clawdd Monmouth / SO310201   motte w/double moat
Pen y Mwd Gwynedd 12th century? motte visible
Pen yr Allt Pembroke / SN158420   ditched and banked enclosure
Penarth Motte Powys / SO124526   mound on spur above river Edw
Pencader Carmarthen / SN445362 1145 motte & ditch survive
Pencastell Carmarthen / SN402379   motte & ditch survive
Pencelli Powys / SO095249 1215 remains of square keep
Pencoed Newport / ST406894 1270 essentially complete
Castell Pengawsai Pembroke / SN110280   small ringwork
Penhow Newport / ST432908 1200 essentially complete
Penlan Powys / SO154723   rocky outcrop/disputed site
Penlle'r Castell Swansea / SN664094 13th century trace masonry
Penllyn V of Glamorgan / SS988761 12th century masonry tower
Penmaen Swansea 1116 timber ringwork
Penmark V of Glamorgan 13th century slight masonry
Pennant Powys / SN875975   motte with rock cut ditch
Pennard Swansea / SS544885 early 12th century some masonry
Penrhos Monmouth / SO410132 built/destroyed 1248? motte visible
Penrice, Mounty Bank Swansea / SS492879   ringwork
Penrice (no.2) Swansea / SS497885 1250 substantial masonry
Pentre Isaf Conwy / SH874689   motte survives
Pentre Llaeth Enwyn Powys / SJ215157   disputed site
Pentrefoelas Conwy / SH87005225 12thC? large motte, bailey small and doubtful
Pen-y-Allt Pembroke / SN158420   ringwork with curtain and tower
Peterson V of Glamorgan / ST084764 1404 single masonry wall
Picton 1 (Dungledi) Pembroke / SN016135   large damaged motte
Picton 2 Pembroke / SN011135 13th century essentially complete
Pilleth Powys / SO258676 1342 motte and bailey
Castell Pistog Ceredigion / SN382403   mound by farm, ploughed bailey
Plas-yn-Dinas Powys / SJ218189   enclosure castle
Castell Poeth Pembroke / SM897377   damaged motte or ringwork
Pointz (Punch Castle) Pembroke / SM830237   motte, fragments of uncertain date
Porthkerry V.of Glamorgan / ST083658   remains washed out to sea
Powis Powys / SJ216064 1110 essentially complete
Prestatyn Denbigh / SJ073833 1162 slight masonry
Presteigne, Warden Powys / SO309645 1144 ringwork & bailey
Castell Pridd Carmarthen / SN295296 1203 fine motte and bailey
Prysor Gwynedd / SH758369 1284 trace masonry
Pulford Cheshire / SJ375587   small motte & bailey
Pulverbatch Shropshire / SJ423023   motte and ditches survive
Puncheston Pembroke / SN009298   partial ringwork with foundations
Pytindu Motte Powys / SO047310   vanished castle mound
Pytingwyn Motte Powys / SO040314   vanished castle mound
New Radnor Powys / SO212610 1129 motte and foundations
Raglan Monmouth / SO415083 1430 essentially complete
Rhaeadr-gwy   1177 motte
Rhayader Powys / SN968680 1202 remains of ringwork
Rhos Ddiarbed Powys / SO046905 1080s motte and bailey
Rhuddlan no.1 (Twthill) Denbigh / SJ026777 1075 motte visible
Rhuddlan (no.2) Denbigh / SJ025779 1277 substantial masonry
Rhyd y Felin Ceredigion 1100 ringwork w/bailey
Rhyd-yr-Onen Powys / SN923823   motte w/2 baileys
Rhydygors Carmarthen / SN408190 1094 predecessor to Carmarthen?
Rhysnant Motte Powys / SJ256175   very mutilated ringwork
Richard's Castle Herefordshire 1051 masonry, motte and bailey
Risca, Twyn Bar-Lwm Monmouth   motte and bailey
Roch Pembroke / SM880212 13th century substantial tower
Roche Carmarthen / SN294102   fragments of 13c fortified house
Roft Wrexham / SJ357562 1161 site damaged by railway/quarrying
Rogerstone Newport / ST271878   grass-covered motte
Rudbaxton Rath Pembroke / SM985188   ringwork & bailey
Great Rudbaxton Pembroke / SM961205   motte survives
Rug Gwynedd 1160 motte and bailey
Rumney Cardiff / ST210789 1184 ringwork - gatehouse destroyed
Ruperra Motte (Castell Breiniog) Caerphilly / ST223867   fine motte & bailey
Ruthin Denbigh 1277 some early masonry
St. Athan, Castleton V of Glamorgan / ST024684   masonry walls
St.Briavels 1 Gloustershire / SS559288 1130 ringwork w/stone fragments
St.Briavels 2 Gloustershire / SO559046 1139 substantial masonry castle
St. Clears, Banc y Beili Carmarthen / SN281154 1153 substantial motte & bailey
St. Davids (Parc y Castell) Pembroke / SM744252 1081 ringwork w/2 baileys
St. Donats V of Glamorgan / SS934681 13th century some early masonry
St. Fagans Cardiff / ST120771 1307 slight early masonry
St. Georges V.of Glamorgan / ST099770    
St. Ishmaels Pembroke / SM835076    
St. Mary's Hill V.of Glamorgan / SS960786    
St. Mary's Ceredigion / SN344442    
St. Mellons Cardiff / ST227803 12th century enclosure castle
St. Nicholas V of Glamorgan / ST084747   ringwork castle
Scethrog Tower Powys / SO105249 12th-13th century standing tower house
Scurlage Swansea / SS463882   Tudor farm on reputed site
Sennybridge, Castell Du Powys / SN919283 13th century slight masonry
Sentence (Narberth 1) Pembroke / SN111116 1116 ringwork with wet ditches
Shrewsbury Shropshire 1069 rebuilt early medeival castle
Shotwick Cheshire 1240 destroyed/once walled w/6 towers
Simon's Powys / SO285933 1220s masonry enclosure castle
Skenfrith Monmouth / SO457202 1168 substantial masonry
Snodhill Herefordshire 1135 masonry, motte and bailey
Stackpole Pembroke / SR997961   former tower house
Stanage Powys / SO331731   damaged motte w/bailey platform
Stokesay Shropshire late 13th century enclosure/essentially complete
Stormy Bridgend / SS846815 12th century motte
Sully V of Glamorgan / ST152683 12th century built-over
Swansea 1 Swansea 1116 motte castle built-over
Swansea 2 Swansea / SS657931 late 13th century tower, hall & solar survive
Sycharth Powys / SJ205257 12th century? motte visible
Tafolwern Montgomery 1162 motte and bailey
Talyfan V of Glamorgan / ST021772 1245 ringwork w/trace masonry
Talgarth (no.1) Powys / SO155337 1156 vanished site
Talgarth (no.2) Powys / SO158297   very worn down ringwork
Talgarth (no.3) Powys / SO140324   two visible mottes
Talgarth (no.4) Powys / SO 142323   bailey, motte damaged by railway
Talgarth (no.5) Powys / SO145314   ringwork w/possible masonry
Talgarth Tower Powys / SO154337   much altered 13-14c tower
Tal-y-Bont Glamorgan 1106 mound visible
Talley Carmarthen / SN631334   motte and bailey on isthmus
Tan-y-Castell Ceredigion    
Tenby Pembroke / SN138005 1153 some masonry
Tinboeth Powys / SO090755 1242-82 substantial motte and ditch
Tomen (Old Dolwyddelan) Conwy 12th century motte visible
Tomen (Radnor) Powys / SO173589   mound visible
Tomen Cefn Coch Motte Montgomery / SJ105263   motte w/rock-cut ditch
Tomen y Clawdd Rhondda C.T. / ST091865 12th century motte visible
Tomen y Faerdre Denbigh / SJ194562 1086? large motte visible
Tomenlawddog Carmarthen / SN360362   damaged motte w/silted ditch
Tomen Llanio Ceredigion / SN661579 1136 substantial motte
Tomen y Mur Gwynedd / SH705386 1090 motte and bailey on Roman fort
Tomen y Rhodwydd Denbigh / SJ176516 1149 motte / bailey visible
Tomen Rhyd-Owen Ceredigion / SN444447   motte & ditch survive
Tomen-yr-Allt Powys captured 1257 motte and bailey
Tomenseba Carmarthen / SN325370   motte & ditch survive
Trecastle Monmouth / SO452070   motte and bailey w/wet moat
Trecastle Powys / SN882292   motte and bailey
Tredustan Motte Powys / SO140324   motte
Trefadog Anglesey / SH291859 14th century enclosure castle w/foundations
Trefecca Powys / SO142323   motte and bailey
Trefecca Fawr Powys / SO145314 1145 ringwork
Trefilan Ceredigion / SN548572 1233 motte
Treflyn (aka Llyn Gwyn Powys / SO012650   small motte visible
Tregarnedd Anglesey / SH468746   moated court
Trellech Monmouth / SO500054 1231 mound visible
Tretower Powys / SO184212 1100 substantial tower
Treveddw Monmouth / SO330217   mound visible
Trewern Powys / SS268114 1256 mound
Castell Troggy Newport / ST415952 1305 large keep, round tower, 2 wards
Trostrey Monmouth / SO360043 12th century enclosure castle
Trueman's Hill Flint / SJ313660   earthworks visible
Tump Terrett Monmouth 1231 motte visible
Twmbarlwm Torfan / ST243926 12th century motte and bailey
Twmpath Cardiff / ST154822   motte visible
Twrla Mound Carmarthen / SN645370   disputed site
Twyn y Garth Powys / SO108437   weak ringwork w/bailey
Twyn y Gregen Monmouth / SO363096 12th century prob Welsh motte
Ty Du V.of Glamorgan / ST046770   small motte?
Ty'n Twr Gwynedd / SH626660    
Tyddyn Flintshire / SJ253634   mound
Tymaur Motte (Twmpan) Powys / SO125257 1197? motte of sandstone covered with earth
Tymawr Gwynedd / SH569655   possible motte much quarried away
Tythegston Bridgend / SS857789   tower house
Ucheldre Denbigh / SJ049452   disputed site
Upton Pembroke / SN020047 13th century rebuilt medieval castle
Usk Monmouth / SO376011 1136-54 substantial masonry castle
Vaynor Merthyr Tydfil / SO047102   small motte visible
Wallston V of Glamorgan / ST119 713 1262 no remains of ruined tower
Walterston V. of Glamorgan   trace masonry
Walterstone Hereford / SO339250 abandoned 1137 mound and traces of bailey
Walwyn's Pembroke   earthwork castle
Waun Tympath Carmarthen / SN466026   overgrown motte
Welshpool (Lady's Mount) Powys 1090 motte and bailey, pos masonry
Welshpool (Domen) Powys   motte and bailey
Weobley Swansea / SS478927 1397 essentially complete
Weobley Hereford & Worcester 1138 motte and ditches
Whitchurch Cardiff / ST156804 1275 motte castle
White Monmouth / SO380168 1138 substantial masonry
Whittington Shropshire 1138 some masonry
Wigmore Hereford / Worcester 1070 substantial masonry
Wilton Herefordshire 1155 enclosure castle
Wiston Pembroke / SN022181 1147 motte and bailey with shell keep
Wolfscastle Pembroke / SM958265 1229 motte and bailey
Wolves Newton Monmouth / ST449999   platform
Womaston Powys / SO268606   motte and bailey
Wrexham Wrexham / SJ327487 1161 motte visible
Wrinstone V.of Glamorgan / ST135726   tower mentioned now gone
Wuan Gunllwch Powys   half ringwork
Y Doman Las Gwynedd / SH697004    
Y Foelas Denbigh / SH 870522 1198 large motte obscured by woods
Y Pigwrn Carmarthen / SN820310   small motte in corner of Roman camp
Ynyscrug Rhondda C.T. / SS995928   small segment of mound remains
Ysgubor-y-Coed Ceredigion 1136 motte
Ystrad Peithyll Ceredigion / SN653824 1116 motte castle
Ystradfellte Powys / SN936145 1230 trace masonry
Ystradmeurig Ceredigion 1116 foundation traces
Ystradowen V of Glamorgan / ST011777   motte visible
Ystum Enlli Carmarthen / SN584032   mound and square enclosure


Table 1: A through G
Table 2: H through N
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