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Historian Paul M. Remfry

...contributing editor to the Castles of Wales Web Site

  We are pleased to welcome Mr. Paul M. Remfry (M. Phil.) as contributing editor to the Castles of Wales web site. Mr. Remfry is the author of a series of booklets, several of which focus on castles found along the Welsh Marches and the conflicts that arose between Marcher Lords and native Welsh rulers. A recent review from the Herefordshire Archaeological News states that his works are "A must for the serious castle student."

"The subject matter is based on a study of castle remains and on their recorded history, taken as far as is possible from original sources, and including the story of the occupying families. These publications are currently being purchased as works of reference by historians, archaeologists and by record offices and libraries at home and abroad. For those who may prefer to read the text without reference to footnotes which are necessary in the academic works, a series of shorter versions is in preparation. It is hoped that these books will bring enjoyment to the reader as well as enlightenment concerning some of the more obscure areas of this island's past."

Paul M. Remfry

Paul's list of contributions to the Castles of Wales Web Site (essays and photographs) are listed below, along with a bibliography of his published works. Persons wishing to discuss any aspect of these articles are encouraged to contact (e-mail) the author directly at: castles99@totalise.co.uk.

Below is a listing of Mr. Remfry's articles and photographs contributed to the Castles of Wales web site

White Castle
Skenfrith Castle
Grosmont Castle
What Are Castles?
The Dating of Medieval Military Architecture
Welsh Princes and English Politics
Medieval Kings of England and their Times
The Final Campaign of Prince Llywelyn
The Last Campaign of Prince Rhys ap Gruffydd of Deheubarth
Chronological Documentary Evidence list for the Castles of Wales
The Castles at Aston, Herefordshire

Aberedw Castles Blaenllyfni Castle Builth Castles Cefnllys Castle
Colwyn Castles Dinas Castle Huntington Castle Clifford Castle
Kington Castle Pencelli Castle Tinboeth Castle

Text and photographs copyright © by Paul M. Remfry

After visiting this page, please take the time to visit Mr Remfry's own web site for more up to date information about his published works, and to learn how his research approach to the study of castles is winning widespread acclaim from the academic community. The site features many of Mr Remfry's own photographs, short descriptions of his published works, as well as planned works for the future. Best of all, you can purchase any of Mr Remfry's published titles at very reasonable rates via the easy-to-use order page.


Booklets published and available include:

Hopton Castle, 1066 to 1282 (ISBN 1-899376-01-1) deals with this minor baronial family castle from its foundation, probably in the Anarchy, to its destruction in the Civil War after a famous siege in 1644. Hopton castle is fully explored as well as two nearby castles at the Rabbit Berries and Warfield Bank. £4.95 .

Clun Castle, 1066 to 1282 (ISBN 1-899376-00-3) charts the progress of the Say and Fitz Alan families from the foundation of Clun castellany, probably before 1086, through the Anarchy to the Barons' Wars of the thirteenth century when the Fitz Alans through marriage became Earls of Arundel. £9.95.

A Political History of Abbey Cwmhir, 1176 to 1282 (ISBN 1-899376-02-X) deals with the politics of the Middle Marches during the era of the foundation of the abbey until the fall of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd. The various grants to the abbey and its lands are explored. £6.95

Radnor Castle, 1066 to 1282 (ISBN 1-899376-03-8) explores this early castle site dominating the plain of Radnor. The tangled history of the Braose family who the held the land from c.1090 until 1230 is also unravelled to some depth as are the mid thirteenth century campaigns of its later Mortimer Lords. £9.95.

Clifford Castle, 1066 to 1299 (ISBN 1-899376-04-6) deals with the history of this important site from its founding soon after the Norman conquest to the expiration of its lords. The castle remains are then examined in depth and a surprisingly early chronology is suggested. The text is interspersed with numerous photographs of the castle remains, plans and maps. The family trees of the Tosny and Clifford families are included with a reproduction of a twelfth century charter concerning the fee. £9.95

Saint Briavels Castle, 1066 to 1331 (ISBN 1-899376-05-4) deals with the early enclosure castle that was here before the more famous twin-towered gatehouse of 1292-3. Comparisons with other early masonry enclosure castles are made and the history of the site is explored. Eleven photographs, 3 plans and a map help explain the site. £3.95.

Ten Castles of Radnor Lordship, 1066 to 1304 (ISBN 1-899376-06-2). It is the first work to attempt to define the myriad of small castles that apparently pertained to the major castles in the Marches. The work commences with an introduction concerning the known history of these sites and suggestions concerning their purpose and fate. There is then a discussion of the development of Radnor Borough and several suggestions as to its early origin followed by the descriptions of the castles. As ever, the text is buttressed with plans, photographs and maps. £6.95

Hay on Wye Castle, 1066 to 1298 (ISBN 1-899376-07-0) opens up new possibilities for the early foundation of this castle and the fitz Osbern penetration of South-East Wales. The likelihood of the very early origins of the castle are examined along with the castle remains themselves and the Gloucester/Hereford and Bohun families. £9.95

Castell Dinas Emrys, Gwynedd (ISBN 1-899376-08-9) includes a discussion of the early Norman Conquest of North Wales and the campaigns of Gruffydd ap Cynan which led to the eventual liberation of Gwynedd. The castle remains are examined in detail with the results of the two excavations which occurred on the site this century. £3.95

Berkhamsted Castle 1066 to 1495 (ISBN 1-899376-09-7) deals with this beautifully moated castle set in the Home County of Hertfordshire. The castle history from its foundation, possibly by the Conqueror's brother, to its resumption as a royal residence and home of the Queens of England is examined. This is followed by the detailed description of the castle remains. £4.95

Four Castles of the Middle Reaches of the River Wye, 1066 to 1282 (ISBN 1-899376-13-5) examines the castle sites along the River Wye from just west of Hay to Builth Wells. The history of the land is first examined, then the four castles. Finally a conclusion is reached which suggests that two of these castles may be dated to the time of the Braose war of 1208-10. £4.95.

The Mortimers of Wigmore, 1066 to 1181. Part 1: Wigmore Castle (ISBN 1-899376-14-3) looks in detail at the first three Mortimers, Roger, Ralph and Hugh (d.1181). The foundation and design of Wigmore castle is examined and also the setting up of the associated castellany. Two possible 'siege castles' are also described with reference to the present stately pile. £9.95

A Political Chronology of Wales 1066 to 1282: Part 1: 1066 to 1199 (ISBN 1-899376-15-1). Part 2: 1200 to 1246 (ISBN 1-899376-25-9). Part 3: 1247 to 1275 (ISBN 1-899376-2). Part 4 1276 to 1282 (ISBN 1-899376-2). These booklets cover the events relevant to Wales in the period from the Norman Conquest to the fall of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd in 1282. In summary form the struggle between Welsh, English and Normans is displayed with reference to the founding of castles, sieges, deaths, conquests and battles. Several maps and an index, help to chronicle the maelstrom of changing alliances and political power structures. £6.95 each.

Oystermouth Castle, 1066 to 1326 (ISBN 1-899376-16-X) (£9.95) and Ogmore Castle, 1066 to 1283 (ISBN 1-899376-17-8) (£6.95) deal with the foundations of the lordships of Gower and Glamorgan and the London family, who as sub-tenants were probably responsible for much of the masonry remains at both castle sites.

Buckenham Castles, 1066 to 1649 (ISBN 1-899376-2) deals with the Albini family from their arrival to the extinction of the earldom in 1242. The construction and destruction of the two castles of Buckenham, Norfolk, is also covered with reference to surrounding sites and the unique woodcutting in the church. £9.95

Longtown Castle, 1048 to 1241 (ISBN 1-899376-2) deals with the early history of the lordship from Roman days and the castle otherwise known as Ewias Lacy. Also chronicled is the Lacy dispute with the one eyed Payn fitz John and his descendants during the anarchy of Stephen's reign. The story ends with the death of Walter Lacy in 1241. Longtown Castle is examined in detail and its relationship with the other castles of the district discussed. £9.95

Kington and Huntington Castles, 1066 to 1298 (ISBN 1-899376-2) deals with the Ports of Kington until their revolt in 1172. The history continues with their Braose, Clifford and Bohun successors who moved the castle to nearby Huntington in the early thirteenth century. The castle site is then examined and unpublished material from the excavations of the 1970's revealed. £9.95

From Banff to Plymouth: The Memorabilia of a Nineteenth Century Sailor (ISBN 1-899376-31-3) covers the known history of John Bremner (1779-1871) from his impressment into the Royal Navy in 1803 through many Napoleonic campaigns to his retirement in 1835. Printed in full are his many letters and several poems written during the era. £3.95

The Herefordshire Beacon, 1048 to 1154 (ISBN 1-899376-32-1) covers the suggested foundation of an early castle to guard eastern Herefordshire. The history of early castles in the vicinity is also examined together with the early history of the earls of Hereford from 1041 to 1155. £4.95

Brampton Bryan Castle, 1066 to 1309, and the Civil War, 1642 to 1646 (ISBN 1-899376-3) covers the Brampton family and the early foundation of the castle. Unusual deductions are made concerning the origin and the present structure of the castle. £9.95

Richard's Castle, 1048 to 1216 (ISBN 1-899376-3) covers the foundation and development of this castlery in the pre Norman period. The family history is then taken through the many shifts and changes of political fortune to the extinction of its Mortimer lords. The castle remains are examined thoroughly and a new chronology suggested. £9.95

The Castles of Ewias Lacy, 1048 to 1310 (ISBN 1-899376-3) covers the several castles in Ewias commote which were subsidiary to Longtown, viz Walterstone, Rowlestone, Llancillo and Howton. The later history of Longtown from 1242 to 1310 is also covered.

The Castles of Burford Barony, 1216 to 1304 (ISBN 1-899376-3) continues the story of Richard's Castle and deals with the other castles that were appurtenant to the barony, viz, Presteigne, Stapleton, Burford and Homme.

The Mortimers of Wigmore, 1174 to 1227. Part 2: Cymaron Castle (ISBN 1-899376-3) The Mortimers of Wigmore, 1227 to 1282. Part 3: The Mortimer Trilateral, Cefnllys, Knucklas and Tinboeth Castles (ISBN 1-899376-3)

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