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Pencader Castle

In the town of Pencader behind the old school,
Carmarthenshire, Mid-Wales SN 297136

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Photographs copyright © 2002 by Jeffrey L. Thomas

Adrian Pettifer

Pencader Castle is an imposing motte overlooking the confluence of two streams, three miles north of Alltwalis. Away from the steep slope there is a ditch in front, but the bailey has been cut off by a disused railway line. This is probably the castle of Mabudryd erected in 1145 by Gilbert de Clare, earl of Pembroke, when he penetrated deep into Deheubarth. The Welsh soon regained control, and Henry II came to Pencader to receive homage from the Lord Rhys in 1162. Henry was admonished by an old man who assured him that the Welsh would still be here to answer in their native tongue on the Day of Judgement.

Welsh Castles
Boydell & Brewer Ltd., 2000
ISBN: 0 85115 778 5

Below: additional views of the motte at Pencader



Below: view from the summit of the motte at Pencader

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