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Before Castles: Early Medieval Wales The Norman Invasion of and Rumney Castle, by K. W. B. Lightfoot
Norman, Welsh and Edwardian Castles In Search of Ednyfed's Castle, by John Northall
The Age of the Castle in Wales Gwenllian, Princess of Wales, by Sian Beidas (Welsh Language Version)
What is a Castle? by Paul M. Remfry Artistic Impressions: Samuel and Nathaniel Buck, by Richard Williams
Further Definitions of a Castle, by Jerome Morris Edward I's Welsh Castles, by Ben Furnival
Vanished Castles of Wales and the Marches, by Jeffrey L. Thomas The Final Campaign of Prince Llywelyn, by Paul M. Remfry
The Dating of Medieval Military Architecture, by Paul M. Remfry Welsh Princes and English Politics, by Paul M. Remfry
Life in a Medieval Castle Pen Y Bryn, The Princes’ Tower, by Jennifer Rahel Conover
A Timeline of Medieval Wales An Argument for the Lesser-Known Castles of Wales
A Timeline of Medieval Welsh Castles, by Paul M. Remfry The Welsh Marches, by Lise Hull
Castle Builders of Wales and other Important Figures Medieval Welsh Warriors and Warfare, by Daniel Mersey
Motte and Bailey Timber Castles Castles are Rubbish - Archaeological Research, by Daniel Mersey
Castle Siegecraft and Defence Medieval Kings of England and their Times, by Paul M. Remfry
Norman Castles  Cadw and Castle Conservation, by Richard Avent
Native Welsh Castles (Welsh Language Page), by Lise Hull A Guide to Exploring Welsh Castles, by Lise Hull
The Edwardian Conquest Early Medieval Powys & The Heledd Poetry, by Susan Mayse
Master James of St George, Edward's Castle-Builder The Castles of Wales in Art
Welsh Castles after the Conquest 1996 Unitary Authorities and old county maps for Wales
The Castle in Tudor Wales Comments from others about the Castles of Wales web site
The Castles of Wales and the Civil War

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