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Minor Castles: Glamorgan & Gower

Below is a listing of minor castles in Glamorgan & Gower. Some have slight masonry remains, others are the remains of motte and bailey or ringwork castles, with only the original castle mound (motte) visible, while some are simply known sites of vanished castles with no visible remains. Although specific histories are not known for some of these early castles, many of which date from the 12th century, they were all built as a result of the conflicts between the native Welsh and the invading Normans. Ordinance survey map coordinates are given for each site.


Mike Salter 1991
  • Barland (SS 576901) Ringwork 22m in diameter. Moat 2.5m deep excavated in 1898.
  • Beganston (ST 147744) Ringwork 18m in diameter beside Brynwell farm in which is a 14th century window from a later hall. Held by the Began family.
  • Bonvilston (ST 071734) Oval ringwork 36m by 30m on a flat, low lying site.
  • Cae Castell (SN 694047) Small enclosure with a ditch on the west and north, a scarp to the south and a ravine to the east. Tiny NW corner motte.
  • Caerau (ST 136750) Oval ringwork 45m by 37m with inner bank 1.5m high set in NE corner of Iron Age hillfort. Possible bailey around church.
  • Castell Bolan (SS 767920) Small mound, probably altered, on a promontory.
  • Castell Nos (SS 966001) Rocky knoll. Later drystone building in the ditch.
  • Castle Upon Alun (SS 911747) No walls, but arches in later building.
  • Cefn Mably (ST 223840) Nothing remains of possible 13th century castle.
  • Cil Ifor (SS 505923) Ringwork 39m by 27m in older hillfort on Gower.
  • Coed-y-Cwm (ST 177689) A 15th century account mentions a tower, hall and dovecote. In 1982 parts of a building set against a bank were revealed.
  • Cottrell (ST 080745) Commanding mound rising 2.5m to summit 19m in diameter.
  • Felin Isaf (ST 061793) Motte 3m high, 21m in top diameter with a wet moat.
  • Gelligaer (ST 137969) The small tree-covered motte near the church may be the castle of Cadwallon held by the Crown in 1196-7. Possibly of Welsh origin.
  • Gelly Garn (SS 960787) Small ringwork and bailey probably destroyed as a fortress after being given to Neath Abbey in the late 12th century.
  • Gwern-y-Domen (ST 175878) Ringwork 21m in diameter. Marsh to the East. Bailey to the south?
  • Llandow (SS 942732) Possible leveled ringwork detected on aerial photo.
  • Llangewydd (SS 870810) David Scurlage gave the castle to Neath Abbey in c.1210. The monks dismantled it. No earthworks or buildings now remain.
  • Llanilid (SS 977813) Tree-clad ringwork 29m in top diameter and 4.5m high.
  • Llanvaches (ST 433920) Site of a vanished stone castle north of the village.
  • Middlecross (ST 047700) Worn down ringwork and bailey near Llancarfan.
  • Morganstown (ST 128818) Tree-clad ringwork 36m in diameter, 5m high. Wet ditch.
  • St Nicholas (ST 084747) Large but low ringwork with a bailey to the north.
  • Scurlage (SS 463882) Nothing now remains of the Scurlage family castle.
  • Stormy (SS 847815) Low lying mound rising 3m to a summit 28m in diameter.
  • Trecastle (ST 016814) Part of curtain wall remains in barn. The Gibbons' 16th century house demolished recently. Held by William Scurlage 1262.
  • Vaynor (SO 047102) D-shaped mound high above Taf Fechan opposite Moralis.
  • Walterson (ST 068712) Part of rampart of ringwork ditch recently filled in for new building. Base of mortared building found within it.
  • Ystradowen (ST 011777) Damaged tree-clad motte 5m high west of church.


An Argument for the Lesser-Known Castles of Wales

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