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Historian Paul M. Remfry

...contributing editor to the Castles of Wales Web Site

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Paul M. Remfry (M. Phil.) as contributing editor to the Castles of Wales web site. Mr. Remfry is the author of a series of booklets, several of which focus on castles found along the Welsh Marches and the conflicts that arose between Marcher Lords and native Welsh rulers. A recent review from the Herefordshire Archaeological News states that his works are "A must for the serious castle student."

"The subject matter is based on a study of castle remains and on their recorded history, taken as far as is possible from original sources, and including the story of the occupying families. These publications are currently being purchased as works of reference by historians, archaeologists and by record offices and libraries at home and abroad. For those who may prefer to read the text without reference to footnotes which are necessary in the academic works, a series of shorter versions is in preparation. It is hoped that these books will bring enjoyment to the reader as well as enlightenment concerning some of the more obscure areas of this island's past."

Paul M. Remfry

Paul's list of contributions to the Castles of Wales Web Site (essays and photographs) are listed below, along with a bibliography of his published works. Persons wishing to discuss any aspect of these articles are encouraged to contact (e-mail) the author directly at: castles99@totalise.co.uk.

Below is a listing of Mr. Remfry's articles and photographs contributed to the Castles of Wales web site

White Castle
Skenfrith Castle
Grosmont Castle
What Are Castles?
The Dating of Medieval Military Architecture
Welsh Princes and English Politics
Medieval Kings of England and their Times
The Final Campaign of Prince Llywelyn
The Last Campaign of Prince Rhys ap Gruffydd of Deheubarth
Chronological Documentary Evidence list for the Castles of Wales
The Castles at Aston, Herefordshire

Aberedw Castles Blaenllyfni Castle Builth Castles Cefnllys Castle
Colwyn Castles Dinas Castle Huntington Castle Clifford Castle
Kington Castle Pencelli Castle Tinboeth Castle

Text and photographs copyright by Paul M. Remfry

After visiting this page, please take the time to visit Mr Remfry's own web site for more up to date information about his published works, and to learn how his research approach to the study of castles is winning widespread acclaim from the academic community. The site features many of Mr Remfry's own photographs, short descriptions of his published works, as well as planned works for the future. Best of all, you can purchase any of Mr Remfry's published titles at very reasonable rates via the easy-to-use order page.

Ever wonder what new and exciting things are happening in the field of British castle research? Visit Paul Remfry's web site and find out for yourself!


Mr Remfry is also a member of the Marches Guide Association, a group that offers tours, lectures, and weekend trips to many of the historic castles located in the Marches (the borderland between England and Wales). As a MGA member, Mr Remfry can assist you or your group in booking guided tours for virtually any castle or group of castles in the region. The MGA can also make transportation and accommodation arrangement for small or large groups of people. Other members of the group offer tours centered around different cultural and historical themes.



Booklets published and available include:


Please visit the Paul Martin Remfry web site to order these and other titles

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