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Virtual Tour of Raglan Castle

The Long Gallery

All photographs Copyright 2006 by Jeffrey L. Thomas

Below: view of the Long Gallery from the Fountain Court.


Little remains now of what must have been one of the finest rooms of the Tudor rebuilding, The ruined, yet still magnificent great end windows look out to the hills and beyond, and there is one side of a fireplace elaborately decorated with two human figures. The gallery had a series of windows overlooking the Fountain Court, and the interior probably had timber panelling. It is known from a 17th-century diary that the gallery was lined with pictures of the family of the earls of Worcester, including the first and second earls, and it is possible that the portrait of the third earl, now at Badminton (where some of the castle's interior was taken after it was dismantled), was among them. Below the western end of the gallery there were other rooms, including a wine cellar. The first-floor room at this end is provided with a latrine as indicated by the door. The main entrance to this floor and the Long Gallery above was via the staircase between the gallery and the 15th-century apartments around the Fountain Court.


Below: the remains of the ornate Renaissance fireplace from the Long Gallery.


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