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Virtual Tour of Raglan Castle

The Kitchen Tower

All photographs Copyright 2006 by Jeffrey L. Thomas

Above: the Kitchen Tower is the large tower to the right of the photograph.

At the end of the Office Wing stands the impressive 15th-century hexagonal Kitchen Tower. Like the Closet Tower, the windows of the Kitchen Tower originally lay outside the line of the earlier curtain wall. Stairs from the Office Wing led to a mural passage into the first floor of the tower. The door below leads down to a flight of steps down into the basement of the tower. This was the Wet Larder named in a 17th-century document, and may have been used as a store for meat, cheeses and other dairy products. The stone-vaulted basement is a cold room even in the summer. It is lit by two windows and contains an impressive array of gunloops. The entrance to the kitchen itself is on the ground floor. Access is by way of a wide arch and a triangular vestibule, originally lit by two narrow windows. The kitchen is dominated by two large fireplaces, each with an oven. On the first floor above, the outer room has an ornate fireplace set between a pair of windows with seats in the embrasures, clearly a chamber for a person of consequence in the household.

Below: view of the entrance to the Kitchen Tower.


Below: one of the great fireplaces used for cooking in the Kitchen Tower.


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