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Virtual Tour of Raglan Castle

The Apartments

All photographs Copyright 2006 by Jeffrey L. Thomas

Below: view of the Apartments from the Fountain Court.


On the opposite side of the court, two blocks of 15th-century apartments are divided by the Grand Stair, with a third range of apartments situated between the South Gate and the approach to the keep, rooms for the lord's family and guests. All three ranges consisted of two storeys, and most of the outer walls still stand, but little remains of the courtyard frontage. Access to the first floor was via a Grand Stair. The survival of a first-floor window near the South Gate provides us with enough evidence to give an indication of the high standard of workmanship employed on the castle. The two wings on either side of the Grand Stair contained at least four rooms, two on each floor, The individual rooms in these ranges had a fireplace, two of which are well preserved. The chambers also had single-light windows to the outside, each with seats in the embrasures. The frontage to the court was more elaborate as each range had a projecting square bay window of two lights, as well as multiple light windows.


Below: ornate window from the Apartments viewed from the Fountain Court.
Note the carved figure to the right of the window.



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